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Impact Steps International Platform works with well-known global volunteer and internship organizations to offers Chinese participants international programs and provides on-the-ground operational services for foreign participants coming to China. Committed to bridging connections with leading overseas experiential organizations, we aim to offer authentic, mutually beneficial, and transformative international practice and exchange opportunities for Chinese。
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Our Global Partners

Projects Abroad, a renowned organization founded in 1992, has been a trailblazer in global volunteering. With a commitment to impactful initiatives, this organization spans across 50 destinations. Immerse yourself in meaningful projects, ranging from healthcare to community development. Join Projects Abroad in making a lasting difference globally.

IVHQ (International Volunteer HQ), founded in 2007 in New Zealand, stands as a premier organization, uniting global volunteers with impactful projects in education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. With affordable programs across 40 destinations, IVHQ invites you to join their mission from their headquarters in New Zealand, contributing to positive global change.

Intern Abroad HQ (IAHQ), established to foster international professional experiences, originated in New Zealand in 2007. Offering affordable and diverse internship programs, IAHQ connects participants with opportunities worldwide. Elevate your career while contributing to global initiatives. Join from their New Zealand headquarters.

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